How to Decorate Your Living Room: Where to Begin?

In case you are contemplating of how to decorate a townhouse, we have prepared a great article for you. Many people do not know where to start with decorating their house, as they have never worked this. Still, as it is not so complicated, it is complex in the same amount because you need to arrange everything so it looks harmonic and peaceful. You can always take a picture of some living room you like and use that as a reference, but that is sometimes much easier to say than to perform. Still, there are a few things you should start your renovating living rooms. 

Furniture is the number one choice 

One of the most common problems is choosing the right furniture for your living room. As you know, living room is a space where you will spend most of your indoor-time and therefore needs to be designed and decorated well.

Where to Begin?

Furniture is also a type of decoration, as there are different types of it, with different patterns and colors. Consider focal point, traffic flow and the color tone before you buy furniture. Once you developed the design of your living room, you can choose the furniture. 

Rugs – they connect items 

Rugs come in handy all the time, as they cover your floor, fill the gap between the items/furniture and gives your living room “a life”. Depending on the colors , you should find the appropriate rug for your space. The first thing you must consider is the rug size.

You don’t want to use one that is too small for a specific area of your room, nor too long. Usually, the furniture is placed at the top of it, and they are roughly placed 15 inches from the walls or floors. 

Use pictures and drawings 

A wall without a picture gives the impression that the apartment is not finished yet. The living room must contain pictures and drawings on the walls but this does not mean you will need to cover every inch of the walls.


On contrary, it should be placed carefully to make everything personalized and compact. There is no universal rule for placing the pics, but you need to listen to your instinct. Take a look at some other living rooms with pics on the walls, and try to make something similar. 

The appropriate lighting  

Yes, it is very important to find the right system of light for your living room. It all depends on your room’s position, volume and how filled is with the furniture and items. The light is a very complex element of the spatial design, so be sure to devote enough time to it. The main thing that you can do is to include ambient, task and accent lights. They should be placed on different levels to achieve different lighting effects. Chandeliers are the best option when you have a big room to cover the main part, and then add wall sconces or table lights to make the cool effect.