How to Become a Furniture Designer?

Designing is a fun and entertaining job that can be highly profitable. Back in the days, this job involved a lot fewer activities and work that has been covered, but that changed over time. Now, this job title is responsible of designing sofas, beds, or chairs for different types of estates, including residential and commercial. In order to become a furniture designer, you need to have a certain set of skills that are essential for this profession. First of all, fashion and functionality must overlap in order to produce an appealing but highly functional chair for your office. So how to become a furniture maker and the person that designs furniture for money? How should you start with it properly?  

You should have a degree from a school 

First of all, you must have a degree in the relevant fields like industrial or interior design, as you will need to learn about CAD, textiles, color theory and lighting design and other subjects that are useful in this field of study.


These subjects are taught at school/university and that will immensely help you to master the basic principles of interior and furniture design. Of course, this is not a crucial factor, but it greatly helps you in developing your skills that you will need for this kind of work. If you do not have any bachelor degree in one of the related fields, you can always opt for one of the courses that teach about the design process, furniture creating techniques or other things you would eventually need.

These courses often feature live projects where you will test your knowledge before stepping in the real world.  

Portfolio must be included  

Do not even think about this job if you do not have a portfolio, as you will need to present your works to the potential employers. Portfolio uses as a good tool to present your best works and ideas, as well as to show your creativity and way of thinking.

Furniture Designer

In case you opt for any of the specialized programs, you will learn about developing your portfolio and that will help you a lot with your further work. If you do not attend any course, the best way is to take a look at other’s works and portfolios so you could get the inspiration for the development of your own. 

Practice and develop new ideas 

Even when you are not at work, you can practice your skills at home. Try to develop something unique and with a modern design that you have not seen before. As you do not have any deadline nor specific requirements, you have all the time to experiment and try out different designs and techniques. By practicing, you will develop your skills and may come up with something new and innovative. Also, try to use other software as well, instead of sticking to just one that you have on your job. The more programs you learn, the better you will be, as you can combine different programs to create something extraordinary. The next time someone asks how to become a furniture designer, point him to this article.