5 Best Software Programs For Furniture Design

The technology enables us to work on virtual designs, or better say, the future designs that will be implemented. Over time, the software has progressed a lot to come to the level where it can perform various actions that are of great importance for further development of your product. While the traditional 3D software like 3Ds Max or Maya works great, there are some programs that are made strictly for the purposes of furniture design. If you want to draw furniture with ease and be able to present it easily, then take a quick look at these programs. 


One of the best software for furniture design is, of course, Solid Works software that is used for creating living rooms, bedrooms and offices. It’s easy operating and designing tools allows you to utilize the power of materials – you can apply stainless steel, or wood or any other metals to your object and look at it.


The materials can be downloaded from the web, and these libraries of materials are really huge. The high level of customization makes this software wanted, as it has an easy-to-navigate interface, the material library and allows you to use already made models for editing and re-modelling. 

CAD Pro Furniture Design Software 

This one is similar to SolidWorks, but is a less expensive and provides few basic tools for a simple design of furniture. The final drawing or image, can be converted to PDF and sent through email as a blueprint, which comes very handy when you need to show your model to someone who is not so close to you. CAD Pro is the best for small-time projects as you can print your template or blueprint on the paper and modify it while you are on the brainstorming session.

It allows you also to record voice in case you need to add voice instructions to your design. 

Sketchlist 3D 

All the people designers who work all the time with wooden furniture, should choose this program as it is simplified a lot in case you have a lot of repetitive tasks and designing. The use of virtual boards allows you to “tear apart” your product and see all the parts separately as you could make edits on each part carefully. Also, it allows you to send PDF draft to reduce the overall file size and make it appropriate for web sending. 

PRO 100 Furniture Design Software 

If you are looking for commercial software for commercial use, this is the right software for you. Much faster-designing process and better visualization that allows clear and high-detailed renders. The reason why we say this is the true commercial/professional software is that lets you export your designs to 3D panoramas that you can view with VR glasses, to .jpg files and allows you to detach your product and separate into small parts. 

Best Software Programs


A well-known software that has a versatile purpose, but it is mainly used for furniture production. This is the best software to start with, if you are new to this job as it is easy to learn and very simple to use. The best part is that it supports 2D drawings, so you can quickly draft your idea. Also, the software can generate presentation documents, which is great for storing and sharing the fresh new concepts and ideas.