How Can You Ensure Ergonomics In Your Workspace?

The various researches confirmed that good and enough ergonomics ensures productive and healthy workers who will remain healthy. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, it is imperative to have ergonomic workspace to ensure high level of productivity. Zen’s Ergonomic Furniture fitout for Carmen’s Australia decreased the number of cases where the low-quality chairs and desks caused poor productivity.

In this article, we explain how you can improve the ergonomics in your office and give workers a lot more enhancement and happiness to achieve more!

Keep an eye on posture

It does not matter whether the workers sit the whole day or they stand – the goal is to ensure a good posture. The ergonomics ensure the good posture as the neutral position of body will not cause injuries and physical conditions emerged due to the bad posture.

workspace ergonomics
Woman is in pain in the office

The bad body angles easily increase the level of stress, which prevents them from fulfilling their goals and keeping their productivity at a high level. Not only the good body angle is important, but also the angles of arms, wrists and forearms. These must stay parallel with the floor in order to have a good level of ergonomics.

Chairs and desks that allow height customization

Yes, do not even think about gearing up your office without the desks and chairs that allow you to adjust the height. Of course, these are not cheap, but isn’t your health the most important? The more adjustable positions these have, the easier would a worker find his ideal position.

There is no universal position that works for everyone and that is the point with these chairs and desks. The high level of customization allows you to fix these at the right position so your body does not suffer from the unhealthy angles.

The distance between the head and monitor

This is also a personal matter, but there has to be a certain distance between your eyes and the display you are looking at. We do not mean you should place the monitor at the end of the room and force your eyes to read, but rather to place it at some normal distance.

Man in office
Man working in office

Also, keep in mind you should wear protective glasses to protect your eyes from the display, as it does harm to your eyesight. If you have more than one display, it is recommended to place one in the same level of your eye vision, while the other to should be placed a bit higher than the main one.

Have enough space to move around

Sitting 8hours behind the desk and in front of the monitor is not possible and not good after all. Your workspace/office should have enough space and air.

After an hour of work, you should stand up and walk around a bit, get yourself a drink or look through the window, just to change the posture. When you have enough space to walk, you will not get nervous because you have to sit for the next 8 hours!