Cool Ways To Enrich Your Living Room With Lightings

The living room is a place where we spend a lot of time through our life and it has to be spacey and well-lit. Italian Designer Furniture Shop offers you endless ideas for the lighting and furniture, and your job is to match the color schemes and color palettes to make the whole room look cool.

While it must not be packed with too much of light fixtures, it has to have enough space to make the room light and appealing. No one likes the dark and depressive room!

A single central light fixture

Depending on your room size, as well as your preferences, you can get a single lamp that is placed on the central part of your ceiling. This gives you a lot of light for the whole room but does not take a lot of space in your room. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to combine a desk lamp with your central fixture to add more “atmosphere” and make it look bright.

New living room
Beautiful new living room

The style of fixture depends solely on you and your requirements, but it should correspond to the overall design of the room. In any case, if you are not sure, you can consult the professional who can come up with several solutions for your fixture.

A multiple fixture setups

In some cases, a single light will be just enough to cover the whole room and provide enough light. However, large space will often need more fixtures to provide enough light for the room and to avoid the dark and depressive environment.

If this is the case, you can hang multiple fixtures on the different points of the ceiling to cover all the angles and space. Still, a general rule is to fix the fixture above the tables, but you do not have to follow this rule strictly.

Ceiling built-in lamps

If you want to give a subtle, yet efficient, lighting system that will provide a relaxed and cool atmosphere, you should go with the built-in fixtures. These are systems that require professionals to perform the job in order to wire everything correctly and in the right order.

Luxury Apartment for new couple

This is also called architectural lighting as it gives the aura of elegance to your space. Though it can cost a bit more than the simple hanging fixture, this creates a totally new and innovative look and classy atmosphere.

Arc lamp

Though this would not probably be a primary source of light, you can place an arc lamp somewhere in the corner of the room.

Since these are high, you will get enough light for any kind of activity, from reading to enjoying a movie while laying on your sofa.

However, have in mind that these types of lamps are contemporary designs and you should take into consideration this in order to make everything look cool. If you have a vintage design, you might want to consider the different lamp in case you cannot blend it with the overall design.