7 Things Every Good Interior Designer Knows

Each profession has some secrets and things that you learn over time while collecting valuable experience and knowledge. When it comes to interior designing, the job itself looks amazing and very appealing, but is it far away from that in reality? What are the important things that distinguish a good and bad designer? Every good designer should be able to adapt and produce an appropriate idea that will adapt to the interior. But, what are the secret tips that enable a good interior to show his knowledge and be prepared well? Find out below! 

Decorators and designers are not the same 

While decorating is easier than designing, the main role plays education. In order to be a decorator, you do not have to possess any serious knowledge or a bachelor’s degree. You just need to have a feeling for colors, in order to produce a nice and clean color balance so that a business card looks cool for example. On the other hand, the interior designer has to possess a certified course, or a proper bachelor’s education in the fields like industrial or interior design certificate. 


You must have a passion for design 

Unless you have a passion for designing, your work will look “plastic” and will not provoke any genuine and realistic feelings. When you work (for a living) something that you love, then it is not a work, but rather a passion. The best results come from passion, especially in the art and design. 

The design of the interior is everything except fabric  

People usually expect from the designer to present the product, choose the color and fabric and that is it. Spatial concepts, CAD or history design are just some of the subjects that you must be familiar with.

Yes, you do need to know what kind of fabric is the best for the presented sofa, but expect that you should be able to work in a team with architects, CAD specialists or builders, so you need to know what they are talking about. 

Do not expect the high salary at the beginning  

Yes, they do have higher salaries but only after several years of hard work and dedication. Education, work experience, the size of the company and other factors as well can greatly influence your overall pay. However, do not expect it to be really high from the very beginning. 

Talk to people  

Even though your job is to create something, you must a good speaker as you will encounter people all the time. Always ask them about the product you are designing so you could know what they expect from the design. The more you talk, the better you make their home and they will be satisfied more. 


Don’t forget portfolio 

Having a portfolio that you update all the time is something you must have, if you want to progress and make advancements. It shows who you are, your skills and your previous works. It is very useful when you are trying to get a job, so you can refer to some previous works you had performed. 

Competition is strong in this job 

Yes, there are a lot of designers! Have that in mind as you will need to learn hard and practice a lot more if you want to be a good one. The communication with the colleague workers is cool, as you can find out new things, develop even partnership and cooperation, or even get a job for yourself!